MAP Episode 87: Return of the Lusi

Lusipurr makes his much-desired return with Ginia and SiliconNooB on hand to provide important commentary on the issues of the day, including Final Fantasy XIV, the availability of Mew, the lack of NPD numbers, and the shocking sales of the PS Move.

MAP Episode 86: Nate Bakes a Pie

DISCLAIMER: The content of this podcast, the news covered within it, and the opinions expressed by Messrs. Liles, Taylor, Herrell, and Biggs, are not representative of Lusipurr,, the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, or the International Community.

Playthrough: The War of the Lions Revisited is pleased to present our Autumn 2010 feature: The Lion Wars Revisisted, a Final Fantasy Tactics playthrough.

Released in Japan in 1997, and America in early 1998, Final Fantasy Tactics was not an overnight success. Many fans of the core games in the Final Fantasy franchise were initially c…

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