Final Fantasy IX Queen Brahne Screenshot 1

TSM Episode 412: Greed

Late is the hour and long overdue the messenger when Nintendo's Witch is at last revealed, and the English-speaking peoples of Britannia, Australia, and Her Majesty's American Colonies unite together as of one voice in condemnation: Burn the Witch!

MAP Episode 11: Pee? Yes, pee!

Lusipurr, Bup, and MasterChef discuss the PSP's hardware and software, the effect of piracy, and the news of the week. Bonus Feature!: Bup's bowel movements and a baby-shaking iPod game!

MAP Episode 8: Pokecast Platinum

A slow news week fails to prevent the panel from filling the hour with every manner of unacceptable and objectionable content. With a pokemon-loving guest, the collectable critters turn up in every conversation. Gotta censor 'em all!