Chrono Trigger Epoch Screenshot FEATURED

TSM Episode 527: Historically Bad Takes

After last week's reminder of the historically bad takes which have come from Caspius, the panel discusses other past 'temporary errors of judgement' about games which are now regarded as pinnacles of the medium, including F.F. VII and Chrono Trigger.

News: The Zodiac Ages Well

Square Enix trolls yours truly with the announcement of The Zodiac Age, Square Enix proudly presents their 2016 Season of Summoning, and France looks to stamp out sexy games in the news of the week!

News: UbiBamco

Bandai Namco intentionally break their own game, Ubisoft does something typically deceitful, and NeoGAF's Verendus opens a Pandora's Box full of exciting industry rumours in the news of the week!
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