TSM Episode 266: Death of the Salesmen

By Caspius
...must be destroyed by avaricious, soul-less, corporate moneymen

After SquareEnix decides once again to make JRPGs, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB discuss the death of franchises and conclude that, living in the best of all possible worlds, the expiration of Castlevania and Mega Man were necessary for Flappy Bird to succeed.

Editorial: Mel’s Games of the Year

By Mel
Unfortunately it wasn

This week Mel makes a list article about his most memorable games of the year. Though not necessarily the best games of the year, these stood out to him above all the rest that he played for one reason or another. Give a click and see which games made it.

Editorial: The Thanksgiving Post

By Gyme

It is Thanksgiving, a time to eat turkey with family and watch games of the shitty football on TV. Gyme has been busy lately so he stole Ethos’ idea and wrote this post while trembling with fear of his impending punishment for said thievery.

TSM 118: Oh, Canada! (Oh Yeah)

By Caspius
...now surpassed. Is FFXIV a fourteen out of five experience?

Lusipurr is in a hurry to play some more Final Fantasy XIV in his meagre free time, and so he instructs SiliconNooB and Gyme to roll all of their collected news stories into a giant news Katamari. Then, the panel gives away games to attentive listeners!

TSM Episode 69: Return of the Bup

By Caspius
...and neither will you.

SiliconNooB plunks down a bundle as part of the Academic Punchbeginner© and, as a result, Bup rises from the earth to wreak a mighty interviewing vengeance upon Lusipurr, revealing for once and all the deepest and darkest secrets of the black-caped man.

TSM Episode 68: Punchbeginning

By Caspius
But if it WERE a metaphor, Lusipurr would be Punch, and his staff members would be the various people that Punch remorselessly bludgeons to death (Ethos would be Judy).

Lusipurr invents the Punchbeginner without any help at all from Blitzmage, much to the chagrin of the latter. Feeling that the Red Menace has grown too big for his boots, SiliconNooB puts his foot down and, with the aid of Deimosion, victory is a shoe-in.