TSM Episode 242: The Year of Luigi

Lusipurr, Blitzmage, and Mel have finally had enough of the miseries attendant upon the year 2013, and decide to hold the man of blood--the green menace--the villain of the hour, Luigi--responsible for 'his' year, indicting him for his calamitous intent.

TSM Episode 117: Popular Demand

Despite another week of news from the front lines of the console wars, Lusipurr, Gyme, and SiliconNooB instead choose to examine the surprising success of Squeenix's recently-relaunched Final Fantasy XIV and the perils of being too successful by half.

News: Square Enix Is Amazing!

Kingdom Hearts III is not actually in development, Square Enix are looking to move away from traditional console game experiences, and Sony are looking to salve the Vita by releasing some unusual Vita SKUs in the news of the week!
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