Feature: Long Hot Summer

By Lusipurr
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Miserable Pile of Secrets SLIDER

Summer at The Day Tonight can only mean one thing! Donate to ensure that Lusipurr spends his holiday in the most aggravating and unpleasant way possible: grinding through terrible games, and reviewing them for everyone else’s amusement. Bonus: Panties!

TSM Episode 481: Tense Tension

By Lusipurr
Chrono Trigger Epoch Screenshot FEATURED

The panel travels back (or forward) to the future (or past) to learn about the present (or future) news, then the panel travels forward (or back) to the present (or future) to bring the present (or future) news to the past (or future (or present)).

TSM Episode 474: Silent Seas

By Lusipurr
Sea of Thieves Screenshot 1 FEATURED

Ahoy there! Lusipurr, Durga, and SiliconNooB start off the spring with a review of news from GDC 2018, including a lack of booty in Sea of Thieves, the release of an even-more-expensive HTC Vive headset, and the dampened expectations for the Atari VCS.