News: Karma Chameleon

Coleco Chameleon will have to rebrand as the Coleco Lich if it wishes to stave off demise this time around, Nintendo shows contempt for vanilla 3DS owners, Nintendo Treehouse has been wrecking JRPGs, and the Divine Gate will open in the news of the week!

News: Extraordinary Greed

Tim Schafer launches another cash-grab using Psychonauts 2 as bait, Nintendo think they can sell twenty million NXs in 2016, Sony completely fuck up PS2 Classics, and Kenshiro goes SD in DD Fist of the North Star II in the news of the week!

News: Trolling with Truthfacts!

Microsoft attempts to sell business on the benefits of Xbone, Nintendo threatens the prospect of free publicity with legal action, and Tim Schafer publicly brands a disillusioned backer as a 'troll' in the news of the week!
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