TSM Episode 325: A Readership of None

By Caspius
With no reader interest remaining in the site or its content, Lusipurr had no reason to do anything except watch the Cricket. He left the office and never returned, leaving video game journalism poorer, but the England and Wales Cricket Board much richer.

As the last Lusipurr.com readers leave the site and the lights finally go dark at the formerly impressive Tower of Lusipurr, the panelists consider whether to cease production of site content and focus instead upon watching the Cricket and reading poetry.

Editorial: Defining ‘Gamefeel’

By Mel
But it will have to wait until a Steam sale and a computer upgrade. Dem grafix.

Mel seeks to nail down exactly what it means to describe a game’s “gamefeel”. The term is used often enough and without sufficient specificity that he feels it necessary to examine the term and what it means for a game to have either good or bad gamefeel.

Editorial: Ludonarrative Dissonance

By Imitanis
Well done adventurer, you have taken down the Warchief. Now bring me ten wolf pelts.

Imitanis uses big, unfamiliar words in his attempt to explain the feeling of disconnect a player has when a story told in a game is different to the experiences a player has while playing it. Read on to learn a new phrase this week!

Editorial: What Game?

By Che the Fey
This is Blendo Games during their cubist period. Scoff scoff guffaw.

This week Tim tackles an easy and totally-not-an-excuse-to-talk-about-Blendo-Games question: How does one describe Art Games which have, well, no game? The usefulness of current definitions are brought up, and discussions which nobody could lose are had!