Earthbound Gamecube FEATURED

TSM Episode 554: The Playthrough Debate

Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis discuss the history of site-wide playthroughs, and try to decide whether to play a game that is available on current systems (Breath of Fire!) or a game which is available only on older consoles (Earthbound!).
Bobby Kotick Money Sledding

TSM Episode 516: The Activision Split

As Activision loses long-term senior employees and high-profile corporate partners, Lusipurr, Imitanis, and SiliconNooB speculate about the diminishing position of one of the largest and most significant players in the video game development industry.

TSM Episode 113: The Intellectual Life

England follow up retaining the Ashes by winning the Ashes, much to the delight of Lusipurr and the chagrin of SiliconNooB. However, sports rivalries are eventually set aside in favour of a discussion about intellectual pursuits and Hamburger Helper.

Review: Borderlands 2

This week, Imitanis has been playing Borderlands 2. Having played the original, he tries to compare it to the original. Come join him inside to see if the game holds up to the success of the first.

Editorial: Half-Life 1 Expansion Mini-Reviews

Despite not being a fan of the FPS genre as a rule, Deimosion loves the first Half-Life. This week, he looks the two PC expansions to Half-Life 1, with mixed reception. While one is amazing, the other is not as good, and Deimosion explains why this is.
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