MAP Episode 100: Achievement Unlocked!

By Caspius

In a podcast described as “better than Shakespeare”, the staff and guests assemble to celebrate the completion of one hundred episodes of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, replete with fart noises, horns, and a phone call to the Montok. Enjoy!

MAP Episode 78: RIP Joliver Biebtok

By Caspius
Ah, I remember when Joliver Biebtok used to come here on family visitation day, racked with grief, and trying desperately to find a girlfriend.

The untimely death of Joliver Biebtok leaves the industry in shock; hence, there is no news. Ginia goes into mourning, and Bup weeps until he can no longer speak. Strangely, Lusi, SN, and Biggs manage to carry on just fine despite the tragedy.

MAP Episode 39: Natecast

By Caspius

Nate Liles ensures that the podcast doesn’t go off without a hitch as the panel welcomes Eric J for the first time and Johnny Pipes as special guest. Ginia and Lusi barely manage a word in edgewise between Nate’s flatulent outbursts. It’s terribad!

Review: Borderlands

By Bup
Borderlands SS 1

Gearbox Software adds another excellent title to the First-Person Shooter genre with the recent release of Borderlands. Borderlands takes place in the far future on the planet Pandora, long since abandoned by its settlers, and now just a haven for criminals and castaways.  The player fills the shoes of one of these castaways, all with […]