Editorial: My Top Nine of 2009

By Bup

Today is Wednesday, which means a new amazing post by everyone’s favorite NATE LILES!  As I have not had time to play anything worth reviewing over the past week I have decided to make my final post of 2009 about my top nine games of the year.  Many of you will notice that I am […]

Review: Ghostbusters: the Video Game

By Bup

Developer Terminal Reality, best known for action games such as Bloodrayne, knows exactly who gamers are going to call with the recent release of Ghostbusters: the Video Game. Ghostbusters allows the player to fill the role of a new member of the Ghostbusters team, known only as “Rookie”, and fight alongside the original team to […]

Editorial: Do Graphics Really Matter?

By Bup
This is the best looking PS3 game since MGS4

I have never really been one to judge a game solely on graphics.  I, like many of my fine peers here, still play older games with graphical styles that are well out of date.  Good storytelling and character development are things I look for in a game.  For example, Red Dead Revolver is still one […]