Fire Emblem: Three Houses Edelgard Young Screenshot 3

TSM Episode 624: Edelgard Triumphant

Caspius finally completes Fire Emblem: Three Houses, ensuring that Byleth and Edelgard reign over a happy, egalitarian empire for the rest of their days. Likewise, in the video game industry, prosperity reigns--at least for those aligned with Nintendo!

Editorial: License to Entertain

Adeki takes the leap to explore the dangerous world of licensed games and does his best to find the diamonds in the dumpster. Are no games salvageable, or have some passed the ultimate test of time and earned their rightful spot at the throne?

TSM Episode 49: A New Bup

When Kingdoms of Amalur developers 38 Studios and Big Huge Games close their doors due to financial mismanagement, recently unemployed developers-at-large Nate 'Bup' Liles and Chris Privitere arrive unbidden on the doorstep of Hijinx ensue.