TSM Episode 587: Hearth-Thumbing

By Caspius
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Screenshot 1 FEATURED

Caspius and SiliconNooB survey a highly litigious collection of stories in the weekly news, reveal astonshing records set by Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Nintendo Switch, and prepare for the forthcoming site-wide playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles.

TSM Episode 288: DepressionCast

By Caspius
Frankly, I think I do not receive one tenth of the respect I deserve, and it seems hardly worth persevering so that the carping of LITTLE PEOPLE may be allowed to continue, without cessation, until I am simply ground into a DUST. I want to have a nap. I am going to lie down now.

Still bringing straight facts to gamers, the site’s journalistic integrity remains rightly unquestioned. The panel unites to discuss the week’s news and–really, is anyone even reading this? It all seems such a waste. I do not even know why I bother.

News: April Troll Day

By Biggs
Mmmm, hand-drawn facials.

How many of our readers are gullible and retarded and believed everything they read while on the internet Friday? If you avoided being trolled mightily yesterday by avoiding the internet altogether, here is a nice round-up of what you missed: To start things off, gaming news site Destructoid celebrated the spring day of foolery by […]

News: Not Quite April Fooling

By Biggs
Kuja Really Is A Man

Not Afferentus, But Close Enough In this week’s edition of ‘SquareEnix Being Douchebags,’ they averted the idea of an FFVII remake and the silly notion of new content by announcing that Final Fantasy IX will be the next title to see re-release on PSN. While it is not held in such a ridiculously high regard […]