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TSM Episode 465: The Royal Labo Disaster

After calamity upon calamity is heaped upon Lusipurr, the pressure eventually becomes too great, and Imitanis and SiliconNooB are treated to the great Lusi-whinge of 2018, on topics including royal rip-offs, cardboard cupidity, and a Sony scam.
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TSM Episode 412: Greed

Late is the hour and long overdue the messenger when Nintendo's Witch is at last revealed, and the English-speaking peoples of Britannia, Australia, and Her Majesty's American Colonies unite together as of one voice in condemnation: Burn the Witch!

Editorial: The Greed of Mobile Gaming

Mobile “gaming” is eroding the once-great world of video games, and training a generation of players to expect little challenge, and constant reward. The worst part? It has become a multi-billion dollar industry and could destroy video games forever.

TSM Episode 363: Skeleton Keymiibo

When Nintendo makes significant portions of full-priced in-game content dependent upon access to exclusive special edition amiibo figurines, SiliconNooB boxes up his Wii U and Lusipurr breaks out the megaphone-o-ranting to lay bare Nintendo's greed.

TSM Episode 283: Property and Poppycock

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Iliya inaugurate the Imitanis Literature Corner with a special-edition full-length comedic reading, considerably lightening the mood after a discussion of the modern trend towards the erosion of property ownership. Penury ahoy!