Final Fantasy XV Cookout SLIDER

TSM Episode 450: Exploitation by Sponsorship

When Adeki's rumpled ROEN clothing suggests that he is famished, Imitanis and SiliconNooB open the spacious boot of their AUDI automobile to find the COLEMAN cookstove stored there by Lusipurr, and they then cook up a hearty meal of NISSIN CUP NOODLE.

Review: Costume Quest

Double Fine Productions is known for making quirky games, and Costume Quest is no exception. Join Deimosion as he explores the fun, cartoony little Halloween-themed RPG.

News: Halloween Horrors

Nippon Ichi, its Japanese for ‘What The Hell’

There are two things that Nippon Ichi does well: Disgaea games and confusing the hell out of foreigners, and that former is debatable. The latter, however, is proven by the latest series of screenshots and game information regarding the upcomin…