Feature: Leap Year 2012

By Caspius
I would like to play Resident Evil, but I spend far too much time in me loo!

It is Leap Year Day–the most important holiday in the Lusipurr.com calendar, short of Trafalgar Day. In a celebration which comes only once every four years, the site offers three guest posts written by former staff members.

News: April Troll Day

By Biggs
Mmmm, hand-drawn facials.

How many of our readers are gullible and retarded and believed everything they read while on the internet Friday? If you avoided being trolled mightily yesterday by avoiding the internet altogether, here is a nice round-up of what you missed: To start things off, gaming news site Destructoid celebrated the spring day of foolery by […]

MAP Episode 98: Gilbert Gottfried’s Genitals

By Caspius
Yes, the picture is disturbing, but like all of Nate

Nate and Biggs return and the podcast is like an out-of-control mine cart ride: soon it is off the rails and improbably crashes straight into Gilbert Gottfried’s genitals, becoming one of those episodes which Lusipurr hopes he will never have to explain.

Editorial: Comfort Games

By Ginia
Vivi lookin' cute

Oh woe is me, my little Lusi-sprites. I think I may be sick. Not just “sick of Lusipurr’s crap”, but legitimately ill. Blame the sick guy whose desk is beside mine, blame my boyfriend who had a case of the death last week, or blame Lusipurr (just because). This has lead me to think (and […]

Editorial: Should Halo Die?

By Bup

Halo: Reach was recently released to numerous outstanding reviews.  I picked it up myself and really enjoy the game so far, but it got me thinking: do we really need more Halo games?  Even Bungie is getting out of the series, as the company announced Reach will be the last Bungie developed Halo game.  Now, […]

MAP Episode 51: RAEPcast

By Caspius

Ginia’s computer explodes, Nate’s grandmother turns ninety and dies, Eric’s internet tubes are clogged, and Lane’s addiction to American Pansyball overcomes his senses. What is to be done? So, Lusipurr hits the bottle with a besnowed Jenifer. Listen now!