TSM Episode 439: Adekicast

By Caspius
Game & Wario SLIDER

After Lusipurr falls ill with a throat infection, Adeki is forced to take over podcast hosting duties in addition to his already gruelling, Wario-filled streaming schedule. Luckily, SiliconNooB is on hand to ensure that the Cricket is not forgotten.

Editorial: Video Game Movies

By Ethos
Total, man.

Video games and movies appear to be very similar at first glance. However, video games about movies tend to be shallow and movies about video games tend to miss the point. Ethos focuses on the latter example and points to a new, optimistic, trend.

News: Apology Accepted?

By Biggs
Sony Bowing

If you are one of the many fans who come to Lusipurr.com for its vast quantities of weeaboo bullshit, then you probably know a little bit about Japanese culture and humility. If you know nothing about Japan, let me enlighten your ignorant mind: bowing is srs bzns. So when Sony’s second-in-command, Kazuo Hirai, along with […]

News: Hollywood Likes Raping Japan

By Biggs
Ghost in the Shell Translation Fail

Ghost in the Hell that is America If you have not heard already, the classic anime Ghost in the Shell is going to be turned into a Hollywood movie by Dreamworks Studios. We all have seen the disaster that occurs when studios try to make anime and video games into live-action features. How many of […]