News: FABLE WEEK: Finally Something Lusi Approves Of

By Biggs
Fable 3 Molyneux

To bring our amazing Fable week to a fantastic close, Eurogamer gives us a most amazing interview with Peter ‘Pedobear’ Molyneux which sheds some light on Lusipurr’s future incarceration. Many industry professionals were asked about what game they felt was the most prolific and what they would hope to accomplish in their career. For Molyneux, […]

MAP Episode 83: Kotick Strikes Back

By Caspius
We will charge them fifteen dollars every time they look at an alt-text message. You will see the charge on your next credit card statement. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Darth Lane uses the force to ensure that the panelists eagerly report on the Tokyo Game Show, show their love for Activision games, and profess their unswerving belief in the right-minded thinking of Emperor Kotick. All hail the GLOBAL ACTIVISION EMPIRE!

News: Tokyo Game Show Explosion

By Biggs
Ewwww, it smells like rice.

If you are entirely oblivious to the world of video game conventions, then you are a moron. Furthermore, you would not know that today begins the third day of the Tokyo Game Show, which will be wrapping up tomorrow.  Unlike this year’s E3 or even the recent Penny Arcade Expo, the amount of news relevant […]