MAP Episode 108: Texan Legal Wrangling

Lane visits the podcast and renders judgement on the latest news, despite Lusipurr's numerous motions and objections. The long arm of Emperor Kotick can be felt in every aspect of the discussion, covering J. Bruce Thompson, The Old Republic, and more!

MAP Episode 106: Donationcast

Site donations go live and readers queue up by the score to invest their hard-earned funds in the world's most important going concern: video game news blogs. With a fistful of dollars, the staff begin to plan a Foster's-oriented trip to Australia. Or E3.

News: Not About Boobs

Suddenly, Call of Duty, Hundreds of Them!

This has been an insane week for Call of Duty news! First, in the interest of actual journalism, let us begin with what we know. It has been confirmed that CoD Black Ops will take players all over the Cold War era world, including Vietnam, the Russian mountains, and La…

News: The Cake Is a Lie

Square-Enix Pulls Out All The Stops!

FINALLY! Now I can stop reporting on baseless rumors every week! The highly publicized rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake of come to fruition with a press release from Square-Enix that they will indeed be bringing Cloud, Cid, Tits Tifa, and all the other Avalanche mis…

MAP Episode 56: Lady Gaga Is Not News

When Nate Liles best efforts to insert strategically Lady Gaga into the podcast, Lusipurr brings down the hammer on him and his fellow conspirators. Final Fantasy XIII discussion makes up the balance of this episode, including guest panelist Oliver Motok!

MAP Episode 55: Show Me Your Midget Tits

In this racism-filled podcast, Jenifer's tits are utterly dwarfed by those of the site's tame, Canadian midget. With Nate's financial backing, a 'Girls of' calendar and weekly webcam show are planned, whilst Lusipurr contemplates suicide.