Editorial: Introviewing Makura no Danshi

By Brock
Actually, it might be best not to look, either. Erm.

Brock is appalled, repulsed, offended, and disgusted as he recounts his experiences watching this week’s Lusipurrean anime selection. All readers should take GREAT care before watching Makura no Danshi. Join Brock as he investigates this very weird show.

Editorial: Introviewing Prison School

By Brock
A.K.A. Kiyoshi and Chiyo

Brock recounts the tale of several pubescent teenagers going to a seemingly all girl school. If you slip up and let your primal urges get the better of you at this school, you are heavily punished. This post again is not suitable for children! Enjoy.

Editorial: Introviewing Shimoneta

By Brock
This reminds me of Lusipurr...

Brock reports on an attack on teenage exploration–a society that outlawed all images and acts that are considered impure. This post has violence, rebellion, uprising, freedoms oppressed, expression, and masked crusaders sticking it to the man. Enjoy!