MAP Episode 57: I Love Vanille, Mate!

The panel examines the various comments left by readers in the continuing Final Fantasy XIII feature. Special guest Oliver Motok shows up to profess his love for Nate Liles, whilst Ginia and Lusipurr discuss awesome games from the past.

MAP Episode 52: Australian Semaphore

MAP Series 1 comes to an end with a crash and a bang as Chris Privitere of RPGamer graces the soundstage of to instill a little class, all delivered with sincere respect and tolerance of alternative lifestyles such as Australian Semaphore.

MAP Episode 50: The Wrath of Lusi finally reaches the lofty 50th MAP episode, and celebrates in the traditional way: meaningless conversation, annoying noises, musical interludes, and, of course, a massive technical glitch that nearly destroys the entire recording. KHAN!!!!!
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