TSM Episode 570: 2D or Not 2D

By Caspius
Blasphemous Screenshot 1 FEATURED

Caspius and SiliconNooB announce a new approach to site-wide playthroughs and set the date for the next playthrough in the spring; and, Caspius provides mini-reviews of three Switch ‘Metroidvania’ platformers: The Messenger, Iconoclasts, and Blasphemous.

News: All the Square Enix News!

By SiliconNooB
They only discovered that FFVIIR was a thing once it was far too late to change anything.

Lapsed Final Fantasy fans are aghast to discover that FFVIIR is an ARPG, slightly more clued in Final Fantasy fans dispute the recasting of FFVII characters, and Tifa will have a more fully rounded depiction in Dissidia NT in the news of the week!

TSM Episode 370: Fashionista Fantasy XV

By Caspius
With Nomura-inspired clothing, you will develop the power to write insipid verses capable of exasperating all those unfortunate enough to read them! My bloody tears are emptiness: / the abyss of my heart; / a sea of broken glass and pain / tears my soul apart.

With the advent of Nomura’s long-awaited desire (turning Final Fantasy from a video game franchise into a fashion line), and Nintendo’s release of Miitomo (a content-free microtransaction-fuelled puerility zone), Lusipurr deploys scorn in great abundance.

Editorial: Comfort Games

By Ginia
Vivi lookin' cute

Oh woe is me, my little Lusi-sprites. I think I may be sick. Not just “sick of Lusipurr’s crap”, but legitimately ill. Blame the sick guy whose desk is beside mine, blame my boyfriend who had a case of the death last week, or blame Lusipurr (just because). This has lead me to think (and […]