TSM Episode 528: Octopath for Notendos

By Caspius
Octopath Traveler Screenshot 2 FEATURED

The beginning of the County Cricket Championship heralds a veritable buffet of news and game announcements, including an unexpected PC release of Octopath Traveler, and even more ludicrous claims about Nintendo Labo VR implementation in Zelda and Mario.

Editorial: Gaming in 1992

By Adeki
Mega Man Battle Screenshot 1 SLIDER

Adeki runs as fast as his chubby legs can carry him to the nearest Burger King. Since it took him so long though, the year has suddenly advanced from 1991 into 1992! What surprises lay inside this year? Read on!

Editorial: Aversion and Nintendo Advertisements

By Mel
I recall seeing it on rental shelves and being a bit unimpressed by the setting at the time. My loss.

This week Mel runs back to his safety blanket of Nintendo themed discussion and takes a look at their advertisement strategies over the years. It does well to demonstrate the company’s aloofness and cunning all in one subject matter. So click on through!

Review: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

By Slab Bulkhead

Though the game has been out for half a year already, it is unlikely that LusipurrCom’s readers have picked up a copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Various reasons abound, from the fact that it is an installment in the Kirby franchise, one assumed to be only for babies and small children, to the fact that […]

Editorial: What is behind Nintendo’s return to form?

By SiliconNooB

It is no secret that Nintendo stole this year’s E3. In the face of Sony’s rather pedestrian affair and Microsoft’s embarrassing implosion, Nintendo’s conference was the shining beacon of hope in an otherwise depressing expo. After many years frozen out in the cold Nintendo rained down their golden shower upon their long suffering core fans, […]