TSM Episode 525: Man from Nantucket

By Caspius
Deadly Towers Screenshot 5 FEATURED

When SiliconNooB gives his Australiaitis to Imitanis, the podcast panel is once again reduced to two players. Lusipurr discusses the necessity of challenge in games and wider culture, whilst SN engages in some Nantucket-based poetry appreciation.

TSM Episode 263: Miley Cyrus News

By Caspius
Yellow gorilla? Baby chicken? Sentient mustard monster?

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB suit up and plumb the depths of Lady Gaga news and Miley Cyrus news in an effort to forestall any Bup-based disruptions, but the Australian Sempahore gives out and Lusipurr is forced to employ secret technologies to save the day.

TSM Episode 100: Horny Level

By Caspius
I like this picture. Shut up.

In a landmark episode, Nate ‘Bup’ Liles returns to keep everyone aware of just why he is not here more often. Despite operating with a horny level that is off the chart, the panel manages to discuss Chrono Trigger, Wii U development, and Lady Gaga news.

TSM Episode 69: Return of the Bup

By Caspius
...and neither will you.

SiliconNooB plunks down a bundle as part of the Academic Punchbeginner© and, as a result, Bup rises from the earth to wreak a mighty interviewing vengeance upon Lusipurr, revealing for once and all the deepest and darkest secrets of the black-caped man.

Editorial: An Echo Chamber of Stupid

By SiliconNooB

There are few vaginas more sandy than humourless feminists, fewer still are sandier than humourless feminist anti-rape advocates, yet the sandiest vaginas of the week undoubtedly belong to the Humourless Feminist Alliance against Dickwolf Perpetrated Sexual Misconduct, or as they might be more accurately termed; Rape Trolls. For those not in the know, a Rape […]

MAP Episode 72: Disorganised and Uncensored

By Caspius
There. I used the picture. Are you happy, Nate?

When Lusipurr’s case of Shingles makes it difficult for him to type, he introduces a new time-saving feature: total lack of organisation. And the result: the worst podcast in the history of the universe. Turn and run. Don’t look back. Just run. Run NOW.