Nintendo Switch - FEATURED

News: Battery Bonanza

The regular Switch SKU is getting an upgrade to the system’s battery life, Google Stadia talks game ownership, and Riot Games unpersons Vic Mignogna in the news of the week!

Editorial: Handling the Skill Gap

Despite a growing trend toward low-skill games, a majority of games require the player to have or obtain certain skills to complete all of its content. Mel looks at some different ways this fact is approached, both for good and ill. Read on and comment!

Editorial: Getting Back on the Horse

Mel try, try, tries again with some games he once gave up on. In particular he touches on some PC strategy games that he has little talent for but is nonetheless determined to give another chance. Why has he done this? Is this even a good idea? Find out!

TSM Episode 277: A Just World

Lusipurr and Iliya settle down for a delightful evening discussing the Cricket, the litigiousness of the video game industry, the necessity of justice in fair game design, and the likelihood of a long and successful life for Nintendo's beleaguered Wii U.

TSM Episode 108: Play with Me in the Forest

By popular reader demand, Lusipurr hastily assembles an old-school Cat Fancy reunion. Sabin and Noodle guest-star, alongside staff members old and new--though a technical fault prevents the presence of the otherwise redoubtable SiliconNooB.

Editorial: On Teamwork and Gaming

This week, Deimosion looks at his experiences with the City of Heroes, Team Fortress 2, and League of Legends communities and discusses the differences in dealing with the three vastly different player bases.