Editorial Miscellany: New Endings

By Ethos
In this metaphor, Aerith is the spirit of the Phase phase of Editorial Miscellany. So, y

Ethos fell flat on his butt the morning he wrote this article. He does not mention this fact once, but the knowledge shines an important light on the tone and content of this week’s flaccid edition of Editorial Miscellany.

TSM Episode 248: Fursona

By Caspius
The evidence of what was to come has been there all along.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday arrive in the United States, promping all podcasts to go off the air, and allowing vacation time for website staff members. But SiliconNooB is Australian and Lusipurr is hateful, and hence The Starlight Megaphone goes on!

TSM Episode 103: Xbone Assault

By Caspius
MIDI at its finest.

The Legendary Zoltan demonstrates that he is MIDI-capable with Chrono Trigger, SiliconNooB brings a wealth of facts and information to bear upon the Xbone, and, in a stunning reversal, Lusipurr plays all of the games that he has not played until now!

TSM Episode 83: Acropolis Now

By Caspius
Look, not every city can have an Acropolis. Not every citizenry has the theology and geometry necessary to understand that an Acropolis means sacrifice. Some people don

When SiliconNooB and Blitzmage bristle at the idea of paying moderate taxes that will provide for the conservation of historical sites, Lusipurr is forced to explain the value of preserving classical heritage–a principle in which he leads by example.

TSM Episode 63: Another Boring Lecture

By Caspius
Lusipurr speaks. People listen.

In an effort to demonstrate his lecturing capability, Lusipurr tells Blitzmage and SiliconNooB a story. Then, after they awaken, Final Fantasy XIII news dominates the panel’s time. Buoyed by this, the participants finally avoid a series of lengthy rants.