Review: Thomas Was Alone

By Che the Fey
At least until it sold out and added a second color.

In 2010, Thomas Was Alone was released as a Flash game. Three years later, this indie darling has gathered critical acclaim and even a BAFTA! After finally becoming self aware, Che rouses himself to review this ancient game.

TSM Episode 77: Gambling the Wicket

By Lusipurr
Celes is the best.

On the last day of the third England v. India test in Calcutta, Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, Deimosion, and Blitzmage lay bets on when the final run will come. Lusipurr discusses how to read books, Mega Man games are covered, and apparently there’s a feature?

News: Fail Sony Fail

By Biggs
And stick a raccoon tail in my ass to attempt flight.

Last week, I wrote that PlayStation Network would be up within the week. I LIED. Or rather, Sony lied to me and in turn I lied to you. I am not sorry for betraying you, but are they? Not really.