Editorial: Moving Goalposts

By Mel
I don

This week Mel tries his hand at an in depth exploration of videogames as a medium. Within he uses highfalutin terms like ludonarrative dissonance. That means it is smart and mature. What other verbal honey pots does he stick his hand in to? Come and see.

Editorial: Narrate My Lego

By Imitanis
This would be ideal for the next Fallout.

One of the most exciting talks that came out of GDC last month was that of Ken Levine on the topic of Narrative Lego. Do we need to have tightly scripted experiences any more? Join Imitanis delves into this idea.

Editorial: Ludonarrative Dissonance

By Imitanis
Well done adventurer, you have taken down the Warchief. Now bring me ten wolf pelts.

Imitanis uses big, unfamiliar words in his attempt to explain the feeling of disconnect a player has when a story told in a game is different to the experiences a player has while playing it. Read on to learn a new phrase this week!