TSM Episode 107: Definitely Not (Double) Fine

When Tim Schafer blows through a cool three and a half million dollars without even making half a game, the panelists are appalled. Lusipurr and SiliconNooB are joined by Noodle for a close examination of the nascent Double Fine disaster, Broken Age.

TSM Episode 83: Acropolis Now

When SiliconNooB and Blitzmage bristle at the idea of paying moderate taxes that will provide for the conservation of historical sites, Lusipurr is forced to explain the value of preserving classical heritage--a principle in which he leads by example.

TSM Episode 82: The XY Factor

SiliconNooB is pleased to report that the PlayStation 3 has finally outstripped the XBox 360 in terms of total hardware units shipped, Lusipurr exults in the announcement of a new Pokemon generation for the 3DS, and Ignatius Reilly sells all his hot dogs.

TSM Episode 81: Everyone Is a Winner

The lucky drawing takes place with a free game going to one lucky Lusipurr.com donator, with only six entrants eligible in the drawing! Also, SiliconNooB and Lusipurr note the continuing violent games controversy by violently expelling 'Paradise Gas'.
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