News: Portal 2 DLC Launches

By Durga
Portal 2 U.S. Box Art

Proving that Valve can hold a release date, the Portal 2 DLC is available for download today, with a surprise extra on Steam!

Review: The Tiny Bang Story

By Ginia

 What ho, readers! May the blessings of the Bright Potato and his Buttery Disciples be with you this and every day. I am back and ready to assail you with more stimulating discussion about potatoes, The Sims, and Harvest Moon. Huzzah! We shall begin our writer/reader relationship anew today with a review of a […]

Editorial: Top 10 of 2010

By Bup

Hello all my loyal fans and welcome to the glorious return of NATE LILES! Is this perhaps the greatest post in Lusipurr history?  It is too early to tell, but I am going to go with: yes.  I did this post last year and it seemed to get a good response, so I am doing […]