TSM Episode 301: Banned in Oz

By Caspius
But, this year, there will be no joy beneath the tree for little fans of Grand Theft Auto.

With the rest of the other staff members locked in the basement to sleep off an Episode 300 hangover, Lusipurr and Mel record a podcast. But then, Jack Thompson arrives with his Australian Lady Army, pulling Lusipurr from shelves across the land. Horror!

TSM Episode 77: Gambling the Wicket

By Caspius
Celes is the best.

On the last day of the third England v. India test in Calcutta, Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, Deimosion, and Blitzmage lay bets on when the final run will come. Lusipurr discusses how to read books, Mega Man games are covered, and apparently there’s a feature?

Review: Plants vs. Zombies

By Deimosion
These zombies are too adorable to be annoying.

While casual games have been the bane of many gamers, even hardcore gamers seem to enjoy PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies. Why is the game so popular with both the casual and hardcore gaming audience? Read on to find out!

Review: Portal 2

By Deimosion
Portal 2 U.S. Box Art

The follow-up to Valve’s highly acclaimed 2007 release, Portal, is the subject of a review this week. Daniel explores the popular Valve release and decides whether or not Portal 2 is worth the purchase.

Review: Portal

By Deimosion
Portal U.S. Box Art

Valve’s 2007 release Portal is commonly praised for its innovative gameplay, unique puzzles, and comedic writing. Daniel explores the phenomenon and weighs in on the Portal hype.

Editorial: A Tale of Two Games

By Lane
He just wanted a hug...

‘The Witcher 2’ and ‘Dragon Age II’ are being unfairly pitted against each other in the arena of video game review comments–ever a bastion of objectivity and good sportsmanship. This is ultimately unfair to each game.