TSM Episode 574: Anything Goes

By Caspius
Anything Goes by Cole Porter

Caspius and SiliconNooB inaugurate a new era for the Starlight Megaphone by bringing in a connexion to the multi-award-winning Final Fantasy VI Radio Drama, before announcing a potential autumn playthrough game, and an announcement of an announcement.

TSM Episode 572: Return to Fire Emblem

By Caspius
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Battle Screenshot 2

Caspius, Durga, and SiliconNooB discuss Microsoft’s pivot to mediocrity and plans to compete with Google Stadia and the Apple iOS store instead of Sony and Nintendo, before moving on to discuss Fire Emblem as a successor to beloved, dead JRPG franchises.

TSM Episode 511: Doctor Lusipurr

By Caspius

Lusipurr and Imitanis speculate about the absence of SiliconNooB: last seen getting blind ‘tired’ in a bar, S’NooB was deemed too ‘tired’ to drive, and was poured into a taxi to go home and take a S’NooB S’NooZ to sleep off his ‘tiredness’. Snooze well!

Editorial: A Smashing Primer

By Mel
But still only about HALF of what the newest game has!

Mel cracks open his encyclopedia of gaming knowledge and puts together a short primer of Smash Bros. technical terms. As a lead up to his review of the 3DS entry in the series, take a look at these terms and become more familiar with competitive play!

Editorial: Sony Does What Ninten-Also-Does

By Mel
Wherein Sony regained all their popularity in one fell swoop.

Mel takes a kinder approach to Sony and Nintendo this week as he discusses some of the better decisions made by both camps. Will these ideas help to assuage Mel of the terrible ones outlined last week? Read on to learn all about it.

Editorial: Smashed

By Mel

Mel dives back into a game he loves very much this week with his examination of the Super Smash Bros. series. Where has the series been and where might it be headed? Click on over to read Mel’s thoughts!