Review: Mass Effect 2

Bioware continues their epic space saga with the recent release of Mass Effect 2 for the XBox 360 and PC.

In Mass Effect 2 the player fills the shoes of Commander Shepard who returns to stop another threat to the galaxy.  A mysterious species of aliens known as The Collectors are kidnapping entire human colo…

MAP Episode 50: The Wrath of Lusi finally reaches the lofty 50th MAP episode, and celebrates in the traditional way: meaningless conversation, annoying noises, musical interludes, and, of course, a massive technical glitch that nearly destroys the entire recording. KHAN!!!!!

MAP Episode 48: Fastest Podcast Ever

When Lusipurr fails to record properly, the entire podcast must be redone--but Nate Liles has only twenty minutes until his date at the local public house. With only minutes left and everything to play for, the only option is FASTEST PODCAST EVER.

MAP Episode 40: Turkeycast

Turkey is on the menu as the podcast panel gears up for Thanksgiving, now less than a week away. Nate is hungry and can think only of Turkey, whilst Eric J and Ginia desperately try to distract him from further amateur operatics. Poor Lusipurr!
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