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TSM Episode 590: With Live Music

In a development that overshadows Sony's lacklustre unveiling of the upcoming PlayStation 5, Caspius and SiliconNooB inaugurate the era of live music on the podcast, before reviewing the site-wide playthrough comments related to Xenoblade Chronicles.

Editorial: Denouement

Mel writes about game endings and their impact on the player as well as the rest of the game. What should a game ending do and what should it be comprised of? What counts as a game's ending? All these matters and more are just one click away!

Editorial Miscellany: Who Cares?

Ethos is disillusioned with the Mass Effect series after returning to the third entry, but he also likes Dragon Quest more and more, so maybe he has a problem. What can be made of all this? Who cares?

News: Biocash on Monetising Gamers

Bioware talk monetising the consumer, Bioware reveal a drop in interest toward Mass Effect 3, and the Hyrule Historia knocks Fifty Shades of Grey from the top of Amazon's best sellers chart in this week's out of touch news regressions.

News: E3 2012 – Tuesday

The events of E3 (Tuesday) - Featuring: The felling of Ray Bradbury, Nintendo's conference, the vileness of John Riccitiello, and the unveiling of Square Enix's new Final Fantasy engine.

News: The Ill Fortunes of TOR

Capcom's fighter fortunes flag, EA returns to profitability while TOR loses 400,000 players, and a speculative list of Wii U software is leaked from Blockbuster in this week's hastily assembled news musings - sans Pipher!

TSM Episode 42: Bad Tingle Cosplay

Special guest Enrique 'Durga Syn' Herrera joins Lusipurr in a podcast covering EA's latest pratfalls, the terrible nature of PAX Cosplay, and up-to-the-moment Cricket scores live from the second test in Sri Lanka.
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