Mass Effect Paragon Lost SLIDER

Anime Review: Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Join Durga as this week he dives into a review of Mass Effect! The movie! Surprised to hear such a thing exists? Well, do not be worried, nobody else apparently seems to know about it either. Is it trash? Read on to find out!
Mass Effect: Andromeda SLIDER

News: Mass Defunct

Mass Effect: Andromeda has scuppered Bioware Montreal, Square Enix enjoys mega-profits on the back of the worst JRPG ever made, and Hitman (2016) has scuttled IO Interactive in the news of the week!
Mass Effect: Andromeda SLIDER

News: Brexiting Bioware

Microsoft execs finally talk about blunders made with the Xbox One reveal, the UK Brexits Bioware, and Warner Bros. are being incredibly dishonest over the Switch release of Lego City Undercover in the news of the week!

Editorial: A Mighty Mistake

Comcept, the developer behind Mighty No. 9, named outspoken feminist, Dina Abou Karam, as their community manager. The ensuing battle was filled with so much shallowness on the side of Dina's supporters that Gyme nearly exploded.

Editorial: A Matter of Morals

The shift in power towards the West has flooded gaming with many concepts and ideas, most of them terrible. Today, Gyme takes a look at one that has been extremely hit or miss, morality choice. Give the bunnies food or slaughter them? Such a hard choice!

News: Biocash on Monetising Gamers

Bioware talk monetising the consumer, Bioware reveal a drop in interest toward Mass Effect 3, and the Hyrule Historia knocks Fifty Shades of Grey from the top of Amazon's best sellers chart in this week's out of touch news regressions.
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