Anthem - Art 01 - FEATURED

News: V for Victory

The PS5 struggles with price, the PS5 also struggles with style, and Wizards of the Coast are just openly recruiting Bioware defectors now in the news of the week!

Editorial: Bravely Running with It

As Java converts the LusipurrCorp basement to a slightly less dingy testing facility, he lends some final thoughts on trilogies and Bravely Default. He will be hanging up the pen for a bit next week, so he feels he must get his rambles in before then.

Editorial: First Comes Love

Mel discusses games that devolve into populist garbage, but never mind that! Pikmin! He also talks about Pikmin! Pikmin, guys! Click here for more of all the things he just mentioned!

TSM Episode 275: Live at E3 2014

Lusipurr and Ethos travel to Los Angeles to cover E3 2014, and then they record this podcast in the lobby of their hotel (also in L.A.). Join them as they reflect on the first day, and the conferences of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony. Pink drinks ahoy!

Editorial Miscellany: Who Cares?

Ethos is disillusioned with the Mass Effect series after returning to the third entry, but he also likes Dragon Quest more and more, so maybe he has a problem. What can be made of all this? Who cares?

Editorial: My Gaming Habits

Mel examines his own gaming habits this week, both the good ones and the not so good ones. What tendencies does he have while playing some of his favorite RPGs and which ones has he managed to move on from? Click on through!

Editorial: Grumpworthy

Mel is a grump this week as he discusses a few things in games he wishes would just go away. Maybe the holidays are to blame or maybe the grump quota at the site was recently increased. Either way, grump on over and give a look see.
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