Review: Destiny 2

By Lane
Destiny 2 EU PS4 Box Art

Woland wades into the sun-blasted ruins of Mercury, through time-gates and simulations, in his quest to find the perfect words which will encapsulate the Destiny 2 experience. But whether the experience is an enjoyable one is another matter entirely.

TSM Episode 301: Banned in Oz

By Caspius
But, this year, there will be no joy beneath the tree for little fans of Grand Theft Auto.

With the rest of the other staff members locked in the basement to sleep off an Episode 300 hangover, Lusipurr and Mel record a podcast. But then, Jack Thompson arrives with his Australian Lady Army, pulling Lusipurr from shelves across the land. Horror!

TSM 118: Oh, Canada! (Oh Yeah)

By Caspius surpassed. Is FFXIV a fourteen out of five experience?

Lusipurr is in a hurry to play some more Final Fantasy XIV in his meagre free time, and so he instructs SiliconNooB and Gyme to roll all of their collected news stories into a giant news Katamari. Then, the panel gives away games to attentive listeners!