Editorial: Hands-on with Wildstar

By Imitanis
Stop, drop, and roll.

Imitanis has been playing Wildstar. It is difficult to review a large MMO within a single article, so he instead wrote about his first day in the game which introduced most of the features to him. Find out if it was worth the price of admission.

News: All Hail Nodick

By Biggs

Black Ops > Modern Warfare? While not revealing exactly how much they have spent on it, Supreme Monarch Kotick said during the Activision Blizzard Q2 earnings call that Call of Duty Black Ops represents the publisher’s biggest investment ever in a single game. Blizzard’s boss Mike Morhaime is even calling Black Ops “one of the best […]

Editorial: Nothing Is New Under The Sun… Or The Monitor

By Lane
Nagrand:  Home of Orcs, Ogres, and A Weird Crystal Ship

Lane gets the grump out of his system by picking off low-hanging space fruit, and throws down the gauntlet with Lusipurr. As the challenged, Lusipurr gets to pick the weapons, however. Just to make it interesting.