Metroid Prime Screenshot 02

News: Resetroid

Metroid Prime 4 has been rebooted, Steam is no longer a viable platform for Japanese developers, and Wakka calls for violence against Al Bhed children in the news of the week!
Project Prelude Rune - Square Enix

News: Sloppy Seconds

Shit floats to the surface at Square Enix, Oculus Rift support may be banned from all future software releases, and Nintendo fanbabies force changes to Nier: Automata in the news of the week!

Feature Review: Eternal Sonata

In an article referencing Friedrich Nietzsche, Robert Jordan, Vladimir Horowitz, Mark Twain, Alice in Wonderland, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Doki!Doki! PreCure, and Kurt Waldheim, Caspius reviews Eternal Sonata.

TSM Episode 290: Jitterbug

Following the Tokyo Games Show, Lusipurr fires everyone and releases scores of jitterbugs, resulting in a curious increase in productivity, Mel prepares himself for handheld Smash Bros., and SiliconNooB realises that there is no exploration in Metro.
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