Editorial: Hands-on with Wildstar

By Imitanis
Stop, drop, and roll.

Imitanis has been playing Wildstar. It is difficult to review a large MMO within a single article, so he instead wrote about his first day in the game which introduced most of the features to him. Find out if it was worth the price of admission.

TSM Episode 69: Return of the Bup

By Caspius
...and neither will you.

SiliconNooB plunks down a bundle as part of the Academic Punchbeginner© and, as a result, Bup rises from the earth to wreak a mighty interviewing vengeance upon Lusipurr, revealing for once and all the deepest and darkest secrets of the black-caped man.

TSM Episode 2: Uberfree

By Caspius
Pyro: a synonym for awesome.

Deimosion wonders why catching them all was–and is–so succesful, Slab Bulkhead is a trending topic, and Lusipurr is ubercharged! Also, EVE Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and City of Heroes round out an uncharacteristically MMO-centred news selection.

News: April Troll Day

By Biggs
Mmmm, hand-drawn facials.

How many of our readers are gullible and retarded and believed everything they read while on the internet Friday? If you avoided being trolled mightily yesterday by avoiding the internet altogether, here is a nice round-up of what you missed: To start things off, gaming news site Destructoid celebrated the spring day of foolery by […]

News: Crappy MMO Week

By Biggs
Animu Michael Jackson

Status Effect: Flaming Hair  Here in America, we love us some dead celebrities. All the power of their glorious name with none of the royalty checks, its win-win! This week, in an interview with USA Today, entertainment firm SEE Virtual Worlds detailed their plans to exploit one of the most exploitable celebrity names of all: […]

News: Passion, Compassion, and Pillow Fucking

By Biggs

Ways to Get a Gamer’s Money Without Releasing a Game Do you love MMOs but hate that you have to pay for them? Do you want to be part of my guild? …Please? I really need someone to pick my pathetic ass up off the ground all the time. NCSoft’s Guild Wars released five years […]