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Editorial: Portable Console Musings

Have you ever wanted a perfect portable gaming experience? Have you ever dreamed of playing the best games on the best hardware, regardless of when you mom told you that you had to go to bed? I have. Been told to go to bed, that is.
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TSM Episode 411: Positive Reinforcement

With the dawning of a frosty (or scalding, if Australian) new year, the staff's resolution to focus on positivity and optimism is sorely tested by a string of abhorrent scandals, running the gamut from crowdfunded deception to underage solicitation.
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TSM Episode 410: Worst of the Year 2016

It is the new year in Australia when Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, Adeki, and Sebastian reflect upon the worst of 2016. Attempting to foster a sense of optimism for the year 2017, the panelists' efforts begin well, but quickly go awry thanks to Nintendo.

TSM Episode 366: The NX Rumour Mill

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB expose all of the Project NX rumours in a podcast chock-full of literature and culture. Twilight Princess HD comes in for some criticism, and the announcement of SNES games on New 3DS causes some Australian discontent.

Editorial: Bravely Running with It

As Java converts the LusipurrCorp basement to a slightly less dingy testing facility, he lends some final thoughts on trilogies and Bravely Default. He will be hanging up the pen for a bit next week, so he feels he must get his rambles in before then.