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TSM Episode 571: Hydlidecast

Caspius, Imitanis, SiliconNooB, and Durga run through the news of the day, announce the upcoming Spring Playthrough title, and then devote themselves to a discussion of all things Hydlide, including a Durga-led recap of his own full Hydlide playthrough.
Nintendo Systems and Controllers SLIDER

Editorial: Nintendo Launch Day Yippees

Adeki embarks on an adventure full of Nintendo characters like Mario and Link as he watches Nintendo hit peaks and valleys with their previous consoles. Does the Switch have a chance of being as cool as the SNES? No, but still read this editorial.

TSM Episode 347: I.R.P. for 26 October, 1985

Going back further in time than ever before, Lusipurr digs through his cassette tapes and finds a recording from exactly thirty years ago. Nintendo debuts a new console, role-playing games get morality systems, and Electronic Arts helps small developers.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Box Art

Review: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Bup takes time off from "reviewing" crappy Steam Greenlight games to reviewing a crappy NES title. One based off one of his favorite movies of all time. Spoiler alert: this game is garbage.

TSM Episode 321: Nintendoporn

When SiliconNooB drinks too much Australian Water, he finds himself unable to rise from bed. Heartened by an English test victory, Lusipurr assists his soaked co-host, and Bup joins them with a novel plan to help solve all of Nintendo's many problems.
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