News: A Wys Decision

By SiliconNooB
Ys Screen - Shit Talking 1

Ys VIII has been completely re-translated, PSN Trophies are now redeemable for credit, and Telltale lays off a quarter of their workforce in the news of the week!

Review: The Guided Fate Paradox

By Imitanis
Guiding the fate of millions.

Imitanis has taken on the role of God to help grant people their wishes. Does The Guided Fate Paradox hold its own as NISA’s first rogue-like for the PlayStation 3, or should it be preparing its own wish? Find out inside!

Review: Legasista

By Imitanis
There be loot in that thar tower.

Recently released on the PSN, Legasista has captured Imitanis for the past two weeks. Finally free of grinding loot drops, he returns to post his review. How does it compare to the Cladun series? Find out inside!

MAP Episode 111: The Hiring Process

By Caspius
Disclaimer: MasterChef not shown to scale.

The site hires three new staff members, but Nate fails to show up for the customary hazing ritual. RPGamer’s Chris Privitere tries to fill Nate’s shoes, but without a HD fart app. for his new iPad2, his performance remains ultimately unconvincing.

Review: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

By Ginia

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, received its North American release in August 2003 and helped cement Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) as a fan-favourite publisher and developer. This was only the third game NIS released in North America, pre-dating NIS America (NISA), and was published by Atlus. This inaugural chapter in the Disgaea series chronicles the misadventures […]