TSM Episode 349: Live on Stream

By Caspius
All Castlevania, all the time.

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Blitzmage fire up the cameras, prepare the music, and do it live, reporting on how Bethesda Softworks tries to keep reviews out of the hands of customers, and how the Halo series is becoming ever more like a freemium mobile app.

Music: My Friends May All Be Dead

By Zoltan
All the sashimi you can eat!

The Legendary Zoltan takes us back to the Final Fantasy VI play-through. This was the first music track ever submitted to Lusipurr.com. Since then, technology has progressed and new consoles have been announced. Will Zoltan’s track stand the test of time?

Review: Ash

By SiliconNooB

SRRN’s Ash is an incredible game. There are times when one intuitively knows that they are playing the creation of someone who truly loves their respective genre; Ash is one such game. Gameplay/structure The kindest thing that one could say about Ash’s gameplay is that it gets the job done. It doesn’t burden the player […]

MAP Episode 54: Where’s the News?

By Caspius

Without decent news once again, the panel resorts to hurling slurs and epithets at each other. Obsessed with music of the 1980s, Nate Liles does his level best to seize the reins perforce using the magnificent weapon of his velveteen voice.

News: We’re Poor, Old, and Pissing Ourselves…Lusipurr.com Nursing Home Edition!

By Biggs
Disgaea Prinny Solid Snake

Time to Say ‘Sayonara’ to Nippon Ichi? The developer of  such great games as Disgaea, La Pucelle, and Phantom Brave has found themselves in dire straits this week. When their share holders got word that the latter half of 2009 brought a 97.5% reduction in profits, a massive sell-off began. In a single day, their […]