News: We Love Japan!

If you slept through Thursday and Friday and are just waking up to read this now, let me give your slovenly arse a brief recap: Japan is in crisis. In the mid-afternoon on Friday, glorious Nippon experienced an 8.9 magnitude earthquake which spawned a series of tsunamis, some as high as thirty feet, with aft…

MAP Episode 104: I Feel So Good

Ginia, Biggs, and the little Australian turd work together to defame and insult everyone under the sun, especially islanders. When their plan for meat syrupification is thwarted, Lusipurr shows up to lend his assistance by renting the site out to Topware.

MAP Episode 70: E3 2010

When Oliver once again fails to show up for a stay at Castle Lusipurr, the staff are forced to cover E3 themselves. Bup reports on Lady Gaga's E3 showing and Biggs spends the entire podcast silently painting her tits. Don't be a Rude Gus: listen now!