MAP Episode 21: Summer 2009 Spectacular's staff gathers together and travels to Cedar Point; then returns to Castle Lusipurr to discuss, in person, the news and events of the week preceding. Bonus: Lusipurr proves there IS such a thing as a free lunch!

MAP Episode 12: Oliver’s Tea Time

The knowledgeable and sagacious staff of offer a complete and in-depth review of the things that matter to gamers: what goes with Darjeeling tea, what are the best stamp-collecting games, and where is Oliver going for dinner?

MAP Episode 9: Easter Podcast 2009

Lusipurr and Oliver assemble the absentee panelists Nate and Ethan using whatever means necessary for some discussion and Easter music. Fat Princess, XNA, and the frustrations caused by Japan-only releases are chronicled in this special holiday podcast!