TSM Episode 325: A Readership of None

By Caspius
With no reader interest remaining in the site or its content, Lusipurr had no reason to do anything except watch the Cricket. He left the office and never returned, leaving video game journalism poorer, but the England and Wales Cricket Board much richer.

As the last Lusipurr.com readers leave the site and the lights finally go dark at the formerly impressive Tower of Lusipurr, the panelists consider whether to cease production of site content and focus instead upon watching the Cricket and reading poetry.

TSM Episode 74: Worst Box Art Ever

By Caspius
Each Pac-Cookie contains 2750% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Cocaine. Not a significant source of fiber or petroleum.

Lusipurr and friends dial M for humour, and come up trumps with a selection of the worst box art ever. Everyone knows that the best way to deal with art on a podcast is to describe it in detail to the listeners, so the panelists set about doing just that!

Editorial: On Genre-Bending in Gaming

By Deimosion
I make no apologies for that joke.

There are many games which either defy genre classification or attempt to blend two or more genres. This week, Deimosion spends a brief amount of time discussing several such games and what makes them work or fail as interesting gaming experiences.

MAP Episode 99: Lusi and the Tits

By Caspius
Yes, I

Whilst Nate enjoys much-needed time off to visit the strip club, Lusi and the Tits (both pairs) address themselves to the task of evaluating a string of terribly disappointing announcements, when it appears the US will get FFXIII-2 instead of Last Story!