TSM 285: Beyond Expectations

Lusipurr, Ethos, SiliconNooB, Blitzmage, and Iliya are momentarily buoyed by report of English Cricket victories, surpassing all expectations. Unfortunately, a run of depressing news is more than enough to misdirect the panelists into the doldrums.

TSM Episode 8: Optimism

DurgaSyn counts 'em all, SiliconNooB has buyer's remorse, RootBeerKing is coming out, Reetin is working for a Christmas release, Emmori is shocked, Enrei is Indie, Deimosion gets litigious, and Lusipurr makes a statement. Also: optimism ABOUNDS!

MAP Episode 91: Vanillecast

It's not all smiles and sunshine when Lusipurr and SiliconNooB evaluate the fate of PC Gaming, the large corporate model of console game development, and the Global Activision Media Empire. And Final Fantasy XIV watch continues! Let's see some fireworks!

News: Finally Not E3

‘Consoles are Like Condoms’

No, that is not to be taken as encouragement, put your pants back on and put down the console. Allods Online producer Vincent Douvier gave us that gem of a quote in a recent interview regarding PC versus console gaming. So how exactly is your 360 like a cock-balloon? …

News: Integrity is Nonsense

Squeenix Dominates ALL

I wish I could apologize for a large chunk of this week’s news being related to Square Enix… but that would not only require admitting that I am wrong (never!) but would also involve there being other worthy news this week. The corporate overlords released their financ…