Editorial: The Thorny Approach

Ethos waffles on about the instability of his PlayStation Vita and the best conditions in which to play it. What is he droning on about in this first article since his long-awaited return to the site? Best go read the editorial to find out!

Editorial: Game Healing

Java’s busted up hand is just about done healing, so he revisits the concept of games as part of the healing process before he returns to his labor job in the LusipurrCorp Orichalcum Mines. Apparently, Lusipurr is still waiting for those stylish rims.

Editorial: The School of Patience

Ever behind the times, Java feels the pressure that comes with being a self-proclaimed patient gamer. Will he shirk his adult fiscal responsibilities in favor of becoming the owner of a fresh new system with games he barely has time to play? Find out now!