Pokemon Christmas

TSM Episode 618: Defamation and Slander

Caspius and SiliconNooB settle down for a winter evening's podcast, with sundry observations on select news, commentary on Christmas holiday gaming, and a stern rebuke to CERTAIN READERS who would dare to slight The Day Tonight's journalistic principles.
Pikmin Screenshot Featured

Feature Review: Pikmin

Here, under protest, is Pikmin. We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire where Mrs. Buckley lives. In July, Pikmin grow there. This is a very wearying review. It's unpleasant to read. Unrewarding.

Editorial: First Comes Love

Mel discusses games that devolve into populist garbage, but never mind that! Pikmin! He also talks about Pikmin! Pikmin, guys! Click here for more of all the things he just mentioned!

Editorial: Nintendo’s Power

Mel has spent some quality time with the Wii U and three great games. It was enough to make him think Nintendo had begun a shift in game design back to a time before motion controls.

News: The Ill Fortunes of TOR

Capcom's fighter fortunes flag, EA returns to profitability while TOR loses 400,000 players, and a speculative list of Wii U software is leaked from Blockbuster in this week's hastily assembled news musings - sans Pipher!